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Recycle Your Waste

Residential Recycling Services In Your Area

In the UK we are lucky to have local Council provided recycling services. On a weekly or fortnightly basis your recycling will be collected from your home and sorted at regional recycling centres.

In most areas the following can be recycled:

  • Glass

  • Plastics

  • Paper and cardboard

Food waste – food waste is also collected. The average household rubbish is composed of 30% food waste. You can compost certain food waste.

Reducing your food waste will also save you money as you become more aware of what you’re buying and using.

Another way to save money is by being more energy efficient in the home – read more here.

Clothes, shoes and textiles – there are usually collection bins in the local area where you can take your unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles which will be reused or recycled.

Other Recycling Services

Not all recyclable items will be collected by the Council.

If you have bulky items including fridges, IT equipment, garden waste, bricks and rubble they can be collected by a specialist rubbish removal company.

We recommend hiring an experienced, professional rubbish removal company if you are clearing a house or commercial premises or even a construction site.

Kent Rubbish Clearance specialise in rubbish removal and clearances in the Kent area. Using a company licensed by the Environmental Agency means that they will recycle as much waste as possible and ensure that anything that can be reused won’t end up in landfill.

KRC can advise you on recycling management solutions for your business as well, for more information you can give them a call on 0800 138 9100.

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